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Study Abroad: Visiting Granada, Spain

HollisHollis Mugford is a sixth semester Professional Music major at Berklee. She is a pop, R&B, and country singer from Virginia. Her passion for writing and travel have inspired her to share her experiences and thoughts with the Berklee community and beyond as she embarks on her first semester abroad in Valencia, Spain. 


I truly beilieve in the saying, “it’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with.” This weekend was the best weekend of my life, just when I thought my life couldn’t get any better. Granada looked like I was in the next sequel to “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” and being with everyone in the group made it that much better.

Study AbroadMy first few hours in Granada I spent running through the downtown near our hotel. This is my favorite thing to do in a new place. There’s nothing like seeing the city and it’s people up close and exploring the quant and winding residential streets you would otherwise never see. The town is nestled under the scenic backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains (not to be confused with the ones in California) and is sprinkled with colorful flowers that trace all of the white washed walls. That night we took a shuttle to the foot of the hill we had to laboriously climb to the most picture perfect restaurant where we sat outside under a vine covered terrace overlooking La Alhambra. After dinner we made our way to an even more beautiful look out point where of course we all snapped about a million pictures. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.

Day two was a walking tour through the ancient Muslim neighborhoods near the Alhambra. The Moroccan influence is everywhere – terra-cotta and keyhole archways, painted tile and cobblestone walls. That night we had a Flamenco masterclass at one of the best flamenco studios in all of Spain, followed by a live flamenco show and dinner at a restaurant in a white washed cave.

Study AbroadOur final day in the city was a tour of La Alhambra, and its beautiful gardens. Considering everything we were seeing that day was well over 1000 years old, you could say it was pretty overwhelming. That afternoon we ate kebaps and walked through the town buying all sorts of interesting bags, jewelry, and tapestries. Our last night ended with shared tapas with the whole group, a beautiful toast from Joe, and a night out at the best clubs in Granada. Early morning wake up and breakfast the next day, and we were on our way back to Valencia.

Hope this is good and what you are looking for, thanks so much!


Hollis Mugford


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  1. What a great vocal you got I first heard your vocal on Jscott and the gloves band on his track ” God will make it work ” great stuff going on there.. And saw some of your performances. Also, I am a big fan of Berklee College Of Music, applied many times but didn’t work out!

    Keep doing your great music!


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