Berklee Blogs highlights the experience of Jaclyn Sanchez, a dual major in Music Business and Music Production and Engineering interning with The Record Company as it grows from a small idea to a an important asset in the Boston youth music community. Today, Jaclyn reflects on what she has learned and where she needs improvement as the New Year approaches…

Can’t believe the Holidays are here already! It’s been about three months since I started my internship and I can’t believe how much I’ve been able to learn and experience. Sometimes it is difficult to see the bigger picture when you are busy doing the day to day things like cleaning the studio, having weekly staff meetings, checking check lists, and so on.

I feel like I’ve been helping out a lot and come up with valuable input during staff meetings and various events, but I don’t feel like I’m giving it 100 percent. I tend to feel this way about a lot of things I do. I know I can always do more or do better. I feel this way because I am behind in a few projects I was suppose to do like email a certain student group to get involved with possible future events, or laminate the Supply Check list, but then I there has been a lot things I have done. Like maintaining the studio while the Director was out of town, helping to get Berklee Media to write a press release on the studio, and other little things.

In the end it all balances out, but I want to do better and finish all my projects that are assigned to me. This is a problem I have in various areas of my life in terms of school, mixing projects, and my own music project. The work that I’m doing for the Record Company is aligned with my long-term career trajectory. Seeing how the studio has grown, and continues to grow helps me see the possibilities. Learning how the business side of it helps me organize my own thoughts on how to run my own freelance career as an engineer. The tech and maintenance aspect of the studio is very valuable because it will help me be more of an asset in any studio or session.



Jaclyn Sanchez is a Miami native of Cuban and Ecuadorian descent who identifies herself not just as a vocalist, but also as a musician, engineer, and entrepreneur. Jaclyn developed her talents and skills at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. Jaclyn’s innate entrepreneurial spirit and desire to give back led her to create Just Relieve, a non-profit intended for raising awareness and funds for charities through the arts. Despite the amount of growth Jaclyn developed musically and the success of Just Relieve’s first event, she knew in her gut Berklee was where she belonged. She re-auditioned in the summer of 2008 and received a partial-scholarship to attend Berklee. Jaclyn resigned from her own organization to follow her dreams at Berklee. Currently, she is in her last semester as dual major in Music Business and Management and Music Production and Engineering. Jaclyn has also engineered a variety of projects and two full-length albums. She is also the lead singer in one of Boston’s top wedding bands, Boston Common Band. She intends to keep her desire to raise awareness, funds, and relief through her own music and career as a freelance engineer.