2012 Berklee Groove School and Art of Improvisation

Faculty members for the 2012 Berklee Groove School and Art of Improvisation

Vocalists and Instrumentalist of all styles are encouraged to check out two new special programs Berklee will produce at our new campus in Valencia, Spain this summer.  Berklee Groove School and the Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz will introduce musicians to the important topics related to live performance. 

During Groove School and Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz, we will present sessions in lecture and master class formats. The lecture sessions will enable students to learn about various performance skills and techniques centered on groove, style and improvisation, while the master classes allow you to put them into practice in both performance and composition.  We encourage you to read more details about these two programs, as well as the Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist and Re:Tool – Music Technology in Performance and Production programs at http://www.berklee.edu/summer.

The faculty members for the Berklee Groove School and Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz programs will be pianist/composer and professor of harmony George Russell, Jr., guitarist and assistant chair of the guitar department Rick Peckham, bassist/composer/arranger/engineer/producer and professor of contemporary writing and Michael Farquharson and drummer and professor of ensembles David Weigert.  Saxophonist and assistant vice president for international programs Greg Badolato will lead the programs assisted by trombonist/composer/arranger and director of international programs Jason Camelio.

These programs have been designed to run in series.  Students may wish to enroll in both programs.  Doing so, will allow you to receive a discount in your tuition cost.  Each program is 4-days long and will run from July 9th to 13th.

We hope to see you in Valencia this July!