Berklee Blogs follows Scott Beardsworth, Music Business Major, as he begins his internship at PAID, Inc.– a celebrity services organization focused on VIP ticketing events, merch, and other direct-to-fan marketing initiatives. We’ll follow Scott as he navigates the waters of his first internship and teaches us his lessons learned on the job. Stay tuned…   

Since my last entry, some pretty radical changes have come down the pipes here at PAID Inc. Last week, my direct boss Dave Lory moved on to another opportunity in the music industry, and It’s taken me a little while to readjust. Now that the initial jolt of the news has faded, I’ve taken a step back and re-examined my role here and some of the overall changes. Initially I felt that there was a gap that I fell into as my work load went from incredibly intense to almost nothing in a half week’s time.

This was no ones fault really; It was pretty big change for everyone here, and inevitably an unfortunate fact of personnel change. Luckily upper management has made sure that I’ve had guidance in my adjustment. I’ve sat down with Keith (President of client services) on multiple occasions to talk about my roles going forward, to make sure that I don’t fall through the cracks. It’s reassuring that they are still making sure that I’m getting the most out of my internship despite the changes that have taken place. I am most looking forward to working with Senior Client Manager Andy Martel, as I admire his work ethic and feel like I can learn much from him.

Moving away from the assistant role, I don’t have a title per se, but I see that I am being filtered into a sort of junior / assistant client manager position. To get to this point, I’m being brought up to speed with more of our internal systems and processes. Getting familiar with our websites back-ends, using management tools such as Basecamp, Salesforce, and Jigsaw are all on my immediate to-do lists. To be completely honest, It’s not the kind of work I thought I would be doing, but I realize it’s use 100% and know that once I have a grasp on these tools, I’ll be able to and use it on a more proficient basis, helping me communicate with my co-workers here in the office. Also, many of these tools are used in the business world at large, not just the music/entertainment industries, so going forward It will be a nice touch on my resume to show my varying levels of proficiency.

I know that this internship experience has already taught me some things about the industry that I’m sure not all interns are exposed to, and maybe won’t be exposed to until much later in their career. I’ll take this experience and knowledge forward (while not losing contact with Dave) and I know this will help me to become a more resilient, more focused, and most importantly, more experienced member of the Music Business community. I look forward to sharing how my responsibilities grow and change, and will continue to keep my head up, looking forward all the time!



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Scott Beardsworth has been studying music in some way, shape, or form, for the past 17 years. Starting on Piano and moving to electric guitar and tuba, until finding his true instrumental calling of Electric Bass. Upon acceptance into Berklee, Scott chose to pursue the Music Business major.

With an equal love for all things business and music, this major was a perfect fit, allowing him to learn the business ropes, in an exciting field, close to his heart. Most exciting to Scott was his required MB-495 internship. He remembers sitting at the first internship meeting in his sophomore year, thinking about how exciting it will be to get real experience in the field he loves. Two years later, Scott has started his internship at a dynamic company located in the Boston area. PAID inc. is a turnkey celebrity services outfit, specializing in VIP events, merchandising, online marketing promotion, video production and more. The company serves industry A-listers such as Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and many more.

In his free time, Scott loves playing music with people of all walks of life and disciplines, especially with his two bands Goliath in Transit and Skylab. If anyone has questions or wants to reach out to Scott, feel free to do so on his personal Facebook, or by email at Check out his band Goliath in Transit on Facebook!