Check back as we follow Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship he started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

Hello everybody. In these first two weeks I really have learned how teamwork “works”. After scoring the “Meditation for Moms” project, I was helping in the studio with little things- storing data mostly. Then last Monday my supervisor received three tracks to produce. My supervisor, who is also the owner of the studio, just came back at the beginning of October.

He is involved in helping and producing international hip-hop artists, working with Nomadic Wax and others. He is also involved in live audio recordings of the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival, which is a free music festival that brings together hip-hop artists from all over the world and has been held annually at Trinity College in Hartford CT since 2006.

So going back on tracks, one of them we received was distorted so Daniel asked me to transcribe the song and play it in the Midi version so he could find sounds later for the track and produce it. I found out that in this case, teamwork was really key because the deadline to send those three tracks was this past Saturday (6 days to do everything).

Dan and his assistant Eric did the major work on the first two tracks. Then Chris (a great guy Dan hired) helped them a lot with the second track- and I worked on transcribing and playing the third track in midi between school and work. I sent my midi version of the track on Thursday when I went in for my internship. I prepared the Pro Tools session with tracks, sounds and drum sounds found by Eric, so Dan could finish the whole thing in time.

An Internship really puts you in the reality of the job that you are planning to do. It takes sacrifice, time and humility.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned…


My name is Marco Angelone. I come from Milan (Northern Italy) and have a diploma in Accountancy with a specialization in “Staff Administration”. I started playing in 2002, but I really started to study guitar with a private teacher in 2006 which was my last year of high school. In March 2008, I auditioned for Berklee in Dublin. In May 2008 I got accepted.

It was not easy for me to deal with all these new lessons in music, software and technology, but coming here was one of those things that I had to do in order to go forward in my personal and professional life. Here at Berklee I am studying Contemporary Writing and Production, because I love to write music. Last spring I said to myself, “Everybody is talking about internships, but what are they exactly?”

I went to the Office of Experiential Learning and I found out everything about them. So I started working things out with my coordinator and the rest is history. In June I started my first Internship at a recording studio in Watertown called Notable Productions.