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Soya Soo 今日は、私が何度かコラボレーションをさせてもらった、マレーシア出身でMusic Production and Engineering専攻を卒業した、Soya Soo (Yew Ping Soo)さんをご紹介します。

現在LAでキャリアを築いているSoyaさん(は日本の音楽やアニメ文化に傾倒が深く、良い影響を受けているそうです。バークリー在学中から精力的に課外製作に取り組んでいました。私も、色々な国(マレーシア、韓国、インドネシア、台湾、オーストラリア、ノルウェイ、トルコ、日本など)のミュージシャンがコラボレーションする彼のプロジェクト”你YOU by Julia Wu”で、バックコーラスのアレンジをさせていただきました。


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Trabalhando em Los Angeles

Vinicius SaVinícius Cavalieri de Sá Coutinho, born in São Paulo on March 8, 1992, is a Brazilian guitarist and composer. 

Estou passando minhas férias aqui em São Paulo capital, minha cidade natal, e acabei de receber a revista Berklee Today por correio. Uma das matérias desta revista me chamou muito a atenção. Esta matéria menciona a carreira de quatro alunos formados pela Berklee que hoje em dia estão trilhando carreiras extremamente bem-sucedidas nas áreas de Performance, Film Scoring e Music Production (juntamente com Contemporary Writing & Production). Estes alunos tem todos uma coisa em comum: trabalham na cidade de Los Angeles.

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Sound Collage Contest 2012: Creativity Has No Box!

I am here to tell you all that the art of imagination has not died—it has simply reinvented itself. For the novice and professional musician alike, the use of creativity and imagination has solely depended on some source of inspiration and when there is a lack of inspiration, you hit a brick wall. But what if you were given an entire catalog of inspirational sources to choose from, where could the possibilities take you? Some of the most creative electronic sound designers were given the chance to test the limits of where their minds could take them. It forces them to think outside of the box, experience the moments of too many musical ideas or the agony of a lack thereof, and produce something unique and special.

Sound Collage Contest 2012

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Berklee Launches New Summer Program Series in Valencia

The Office of International Programs, in conjunction with Summer Programs, is excited to announce a new series of special programs to be conducted at our new campus in Valencia, Spain.  The programs will kick off this July and cover a range of musical topics.

Berklee’s Office of International Programs is known for traveling the globe to conduct music education programming at our partner institutions, world-class music festivals and prime hot spots of various music traditions.  With the opening of the Valencia campus at the Palau de les Artes Reina Sofia in Valencia, Spain, we now have an amazing location in Europe to host our excellent educational programs. 

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Marco Angelone: Closing Thoughts

Berklee Blogs follows Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

My internship has been very meaningful to me. An internship is by definition an official or formal program that provides practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession; and for me it was more than that.

My internship was at Notable Productions, located in Watertown, MA. Notable Productions is a recording studio built inside a house. The owner is Daniel Cantor who is a great drummer, writer, engineer and producer; I met him for the first time this past June when I went for my interview. I was impressed because I had never before seen a professional recording studio built in someone’s house and I thought right away: “This man realized his dream, founding his own recording studio inside his own private house”.

So my internship hasn’t been just an internship, but a life experience full of different situations where you need to be flexible and professional. Honestly, there were situations where I was kind of lost and afraid to do the wrong thing, but Dan and his co-workers have always been comprehensive with me and other interns. When I think back to the spring semester of 2011, I remember that I didn’t know what an internship was and I thought: “It’s probably something challenging that I am not able to do.” Of course this was the worst approach that I could have for something new; but thanks to the staff at the Office of Experiential Learning and at the Career Development Center, I started the process to apply for an internship.

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