Berklee Blogs follows Joshua Kipersztok, a fifth semester EPD major interning at Bear Creek Studio near Seattle. Check back periodically as we post updates on his progress.

Here I am, about to reach the end of my second month here at Bear Creek Studio. So much information has been constantly fed into my brain that it has been slightly overwhelming at times. I can safely say that I have been, in some way, actively involved in every aspect of running this studio. I have been trusted to handle important transactions related to the business side of things, and have also been asked to provide the studio with research and opinion regarding new artists that may be interested in checking out what Bear Creek has to offer them. Just the other day, I was asked to provide a guitar solo on one of the in-session band’s songs, which felt like quite the honor (and I must say, the solo wasn’t half bad either!).

In addition, the guys at the studio are beginning to expose me to the various technical tricks that one needs to know to properly record and mix an artist or band. This has not always been the case during my time here, and I am glad that I am finally starting to learn what I have come here to learn: How to implement a studio’s resources to properly create a finite musical production.

All of this new found learning has only made me more and more invested in my contribution to the studio’s well being. Jerry (again, one of my internship supervisors) told me at the beginning of my internship that “being a part of Bear Creek requires that you put a little piece of your heart and soul into making sure that the studio is always running at maximum capacity.” This could not be any closer to the truth, as I am truly starting to feel like a member of the family here, regardless of how much I still have to learn.

I am currently writing this from the studio, which I decided to come to on my day off. I have chosen to be involved in today’s tasks, regardless of whether or not I had to. Hopefully, this is an indication that this internship has transitioned from something I feel obligated to complete, and into something I genuinely want to continue getting better at and grow from.

That’s a wrap for today, until next time.


Joshua Kipersztok, fifth semester at Berklee, is a student of Electronic Production and Design. His principal instrument is guitar but is currently interning at Bear Creek Studio on the other side of the country near Seattle, Washington. This has been a very exciting experience, as many notable artists have gone to record there (including, but not limited to The Fleet Foxes, Soundgarden, The Strokes, and the Foo Fighters). Joshua hopes to adequately share his experiences interning at this incredible facility through the Berklee Internship blog, and hopefully give the average Berklee student an idea of what it takes to conduct oneself in a musically-based professional environment.

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