Berklee Blogs follows Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

Hello everybody.

The semester at school is becoming busier and busier, but also at Notable Productions there are many things going on. After the beautiful project of songs from Congo, this week was a little more “quiet”. In this past week, Daniel gave me more editing/trascribing that needed to be done on Pro Tools for a song. I also went to the UPS Center in Watertown to send a very expensive microphone and a midi keyboard by mail in order to be repaired.

In the few weeks since the internship started, I didn’t really have the chance to set up a recording session on Pro Tools or set up the room for the recording. I hope that this coming week there will be a chance for me to set up a recording session, patch the cables or assist the engineer so I will be able to remember the steps that Daniel does when there is a recording session going on.

Last Thursday, as I said above, I was editing many instrumental tracks of hip-hop songs from Africa. This project was actually not easy because I had the original instrumental mixing of the song, but each instrumental track that is part of the original instrumental mixing was modified by the engineer in Africa in order to shape the song perfectly for the different rappers that were about to sing in the song. So basically each track no longer fit the part and the measure that they had in the original instrumental mixing. It took a lot to listen to the all tracks and find the parts that Daniel wanted me to find in order for him to finish the new mixing of the song.

It’s really incredible that every week there is something different and surprising to do. I will let you all know whether in two weeks I have the chance to be the engineer or the assistant again. I know that engineering is one of my weaknesses and that’s why I will ask Dan to do more in that direction even if I love to write, transcribe and edit music.

Have a wonderful week everybody.


My name is Marco Angelone. I come from Milan (Northern Italy) and have a diploma in Accountancy with a specialization in “Staff Administration”. I started playing in 2002, but I really started to study guitar with a private teacher in 2006 which was my last year of high school. In March 2008, I auditioned for Berklee in Dublin. In May 2008 I got accepted.

It was not easy for me to deal with all these new lessons in music, software and technology, but coming here was one of those things that I had to do in order to go forward in my personal and professional life. Here at Berklee I am studying Contemporary Writing and Production, because I love to write music. Last spring I said to myself, “Everybody is talking about internships, but what are they exactly?”

I went to the Office of Experiential Learning and I found out everything about them. So I started working things out with my coordinator and the rest is history. In June I started my first Internship at a recording studio in Watertown called Notable Productions.