This past spring, Kris Allen, the Berklee City Music All Stars, along with the Music Empowers Foundation went on tour to four cities to spread awareness for the need for music education.

We spoke about this a few times recently, so to get the whole story, you can read here and here.

Today, we share with you a snippet of an interview with Kris about his experience being on tour.

You can view the entire article on here.

“ What made you decide to want to get involved with the Berklee City Music Network? And how did this partnership come to happen?

Kris Allen: I have been involved with the Music Empowers Foundation, and I have a good relationship with them. I met some of the people at the Berklee City Music Network, and it was kind of an amazing fit. Those kids are immensely talented. They had a lot of talent both on and off the stage, and there were so many songwriters and singers. And it was just great to be a part of that. Since you’re usually a solo artist, what was it like performing with the Berklee City Music All-Star Band?

Kris Allen: It was kind of funny actually. I have an amazing band that tours and plays with me, and it was almost like they were there. The kids were great. I think they practiced really hard. They liked the stuff and enjoyed playing my music. It was just an overall really cool experience.”