This blog post was authored by Joanne Dill, Project Manager in the Berklee City Music office.

A long line forms to meet Ms. Patrice Rushen, after her ACI seminar with Berklee’s first-year students. She is generous with her time, giving each student personal advice. When she sits with us to talk about Berklee City Music, she’s shocked that BCM is already celebrating its 20th year.

In Patrice’s words, “BCM is a program that supports the idea that you need to want to be excellent. “ She has exemplified this idea in a big way as a successful musical director, composer, and performer.

Patrice speaks in depth about BCM, its important role in music education, and how contemporary music is key to reaching youth. “We must understand what they like and how it relates to them. When you have their interest, they can make connections to other things.”

The Berklee City Music Network Conference in Memphis, “American Popular Music: The Untold Story “ will focus on precisely those issues, with expert speakers in the field of music education.  Educators and administrators will explore themes on providing access to a quality and diverse music education for students in underserved communities across the country.

As our program grows, Berklee City Music aims to provide more opportunity for young students who will grow musically and beyond.

“If you are doing what you are meant to do, you have the opportunity to matter.”

-Patrice Rushen