In her last post of our 3-part series, we asked Korean Student Julia Lee if she felt there was a significant difference between US and Korean workplaces

I had an internship in Korea at a Korean Broadcasting Network. That is only official work experience that I have, but in my experience, I don’t think there is much difference between Korean and American workplaces. Everything is pretty much the same. I mean there is definitely a cultural difference, but those things seem to me so minor I don’t even think of them as a difference.

Because I am a Korean and I have mostly a Korean background, that gives me little bit of disadvantage overall in the United States. But because I have Korean background, I can work faster! Most Koreans are used to working fast. Many of my American coworkers are surprised by me working fast- and also they appreciate it.

There are positive and negative aspects of my work habits if I were to be in Korea vs the United States, and visa versa. You must balance each depending where you are.


Julia Lee is a Music Business major from South Korea. Last spring, she finished her second internship at Fenway Recordings in Brookline, MA. Julia hopes to return to South Korea to influence Korean music business with the experience she’s gained in the States.