Today was yet another beautiful day at the prudential with kids running around and lots of smiling faces. I arrived on scene just as the music started and was able to finally hear the voice of a guy who I had seen around campus for the past few years. This week, Mario Jose and his band performed. The feeling of summer instantly washed over the audience.

When I came in, I knew little of what to expect. From friends, I had heard of Mario singing many different types of music, but today there was a definitie summer pop theme throughout the whole set. From Eric Clapton to Ceilo Green, the whole band brought energy and style to the quaint courtyard. With both the drummer and bassist rocking some backup vocals, the vocal mix was perfectly full. With an acoustic guitar and keys in the mix as well, the whole the band exuded a very well rounded sound.

Sadly when I asked when the next show was, I got the Michael Jackson answer, “This is it.” The Keys player as well as Mario is to move to L.A. soon to further their careers and the rest of the band I believe has some time left at good old Berklee. Maybe we’ll see their faces again next year? I sure hope so, because any band they work with is sure to have a super tight rhythm section.

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