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Berklee City Music Students Get Ready to Rock with Kris Allen

In preparation for their three-concert tour with American Idol winner Kris Allen, our Berklee City Music students have been hard at work, making sure each song is just right. Berklee City Music, The Music Empowers Foundation, and Kris Allen have all teamed up to bring awareness to the need for music education.

Jennifer Carino, graduating senior in the program, says,  “Our ensemble teacher Marty has been great, taking the time to really work with us and make sure everything is perfect. I’m really excited about our rehearsal this coming Saturday as it will be the first time we rehearse with Kris in person and see what he thinks of their work on three of his biggest hits; Live Like We’re Dying, Is It Over?, and Can’t Let Go. I am ecstatic about this opportunity and am confident we will do well singing for thousands of people.”

Having attended Berklee’s Five-Week Summer Program last year, she says that her Berklee teachers worked with her on performance nerves and “they give you so much knowledge and really know how to make you feel comfortable, make you feel good, give you confidence in your abilities”. She used to be really nervous before concerts but now she can’t wait stand in front of a huge crowd and share the stage with Kris Allen!

We’re just as excited for all our Berklee City Music students and can’t wait to hear Jennifer, Brittney, Emily and Jen sing their hearts out. Good luck everyone!


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  1. Leslie

    What a great opportunity for the students attending the concert as well as those performing – something they’ll remember forever. Kris is a sweetheart as well as being a fabulous musician, so he’s sure to make everyone on stage feel comfortable. Best wishes to you all!

  2. Bob

    All of you young people will blow our sox off… I just feel it. Lucky for you, to have Kris lead you as he is an amazing, gifted and giving artist. Have a great time!

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