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True Stories of a PULSE Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, approximately the week before Thanksgiving, a group of folks passionate about music education came together in a wonderful space on a hill with a mission. They traveled from Massachusetts towns near and far to learn the ways of the PULSE Music Method. Each of the attendees came from magical fortresses of positive youth enrichment! The PULSE Music Method would only help to reinforce and enhance the work that they were already producing.

Our troops needed training to devise a plan on how to use the magical powers of PULSE. Marian Wilson, Erin Genett, and me, Nazli Green, were the fearless leaders of the orientation. Our meeting point was Sociedad Latina. David Bickel, the Program Manager for the Music & Youth initiative was there to greet us and helped to coordinate the instruction. The computer room was soon transformed, and each monitor glowed with the lights and colors of the PULSE instructional videos. We were ready: ethernet cables were plugged in, flash upgrades were installed, and the music directors were hungry for knowledge.

Who were these music directors? I thought you’d never ask! First of all, it is important to know that each one has a booming heart that beats in time with music education! Secondly, it’s best to know their names and the grand castles from which they came.

Rick Aggeler sets the sails open wide with big gusts of gale winds at the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club, Ayeisha Mathis waves wands of magical music at the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester, Aimee Tejeda stirs in the right ingredients for the potions at the Hyde Square Take Force, Jon Grabowski leads the lords and ladies of the Lawrence Music Clubhouse, Corey Goldsmith summons the powers of music at the West End House Boys & Girls Club, Jeremy Butler slays the beasts of bad tempos at the Yawkey Club of Roxbury, and Ivan Sifrim channels the vigor of music educators of past and present at the Everett Studio Clubhouse.

The next hour was spent on a guided tour of the fruitful forests of the PULSE Music Method. We shared, we laughed, and thankfully, there was no crying. As we packed up our wares and distributed email addresses, we all felt confident going into the ether of music education being guided by the lessons of PULSE.


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  1. Jeremy Butler

    This is very creatively written. Well Done! 🙂

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