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City Music Poems

For almost 2 decades Berklee City Music has been impacting the lives of young students here in Boston. During that time 6 programs have developed. “Berklee City Music in Boston offers a series of age- and level-appropriate programs that make a positive impact on students’ lives year after year.” This brief statement, however, cannot measure the level of growth many of these students experience. As part of the program, students write in journals. These entries are a glimpse into how beautiful and eloquent the words of students can be.

The following are three poems written in these journals. (used by permission)

By Najah, age 14

The night sky shines,
Telling me that it’s okay
Saying “Don’t Cry,”
Will I be okay?
The clouds sweep by the sun
Rushing to comfort me
Saying “Have fun.”
Maybe I’ll be okay.
A cute little pup rubs against my leg
Distracting me from my sad thoughts
Saying “Please pet me & cheer up.”
I should be okay.
At the shore, the water reaches for my feet
Tickling, trying to make me laugh
Saying “Smile for me, and the sun will shine brighter.”
Now, I could be okay.


By Justin

I dig Toys R Us
And they dig me too.
Once they dug so far into the ground,
They found me so deep in the ground.
My money is so fresh,
It came right off the tree,
You know when I go to school,
I get one hundred percent, rocking
Just like it is dynamite.
I’m so flu,
I think I know how to fly.

The Green Project
By Channtel

If the world blew up into two you know what I will miss the most
I’ll miss the trees that will blow leaves from coast to coast
Also the river that will flow and give plants some water so they can grow
Asking me what I will miss if the world blew up is like asking me
What will I be when I grow up


True Stories of a PULSE Fairy Tale


Ruffus(Rafael Aguiar) Senior Recital @1A


  1. Beautiful. I hope the students know that their words are refreshing and beautiful.

  2. Danielle Dreilinger

    These are great. Thanks to the students/JH for sharing.

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