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Gustatory delights

Ice cream break

Ambrosia salad or broccoli-bacon sides . . . classic ham sandwich or smokestacker? . . . sno-ball cones or green apple screwball . . . bacon sundae or sultan’s nest? Who knew that gustatory decisions would loom so large on a building site??  and off a building site??

Last night, while Joe and Tyler biked to Coop’s for a foot-long delight of inch-thick bacon plus assorted extras, Roya, Mike, Jeri, Laurie, and I made our way to The Green Goddess — recommended by several folks, including Rick and Jane on our worksite.  My oh my that is a special place!  Almost all tables are outside in a pedestrian walkway, surrounded by fruit and flower pots, with one or two two-ers inside.  The very friendly chef came to talk with us for at least 15 minutes during the two hours we were there, explaining the unusual menu and unusual drinks; at the end of the evening when he learned we were working with Habitat for Humanity, he  generously donated a luscious sherry and a macadamia nut liqueur.  For dinner — oh, where do I begin? — watermelon-crab-avocado cold soup; shrimp in a grass suit (you’ll have to ask); snails and tails (you’ll have to ask again); and hake (“the cod that says, ‘Y’all'”).

Up in the morning to our daily a.m. question as Mo drives us to the site:   “Did we bring the Pringles?  And the Originals, not the sour cream ones?”

We return to our original site.  Today we were all divided up more than usual — painting the trim around the windows and door frames; hammering in more siding (I am proud to say that I’ve lowered my hammer strokes from 27 to 10 under the fine tutelage of Jeri); and putting up soffits.  But wait.  Where is the daily ice cream truck tune that we’ve gotten used to hearing and look forward to rushing out for for our mid-afternoon treat?  It.Does.Not.Come.Today.  We find solace in the strawberry Twizzlers that our week’s companions from New Hampshire have brought today.

Sno-ball heaven

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  1. Bev

    That’s our girl. Jeri can teach you music–or carpentry!

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