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Salty Sweet: Wednesday – Thursday

I just love sweet and salty foods – chocolate covered pretzels, french fries and Frosties, you get the picture. Wednesday night Chef Chris DeBarr at The Green Goddess achieved salty/sweet greatness with – get this – the Bacon Sundae. I know it might sound gross to many of you. Perhaps a bit frightening?┬áNot to worry. Roya, Sally, Mike, Jeri and I were up to the challenge (see Sally’s Gustatory Delights blog for more on our taste adventures). Leave it to a city that considers pork a major food group to pull off that one. YUM.

And leave it to NOLA to tug more than taste buds in opposite directions. You can drive through the Garden District and admire sprawling, gargantuan mansions in mild mannered pastels. . .but prepare to drive over enough potholes to make a Louisiana debutante curse like a Bourbon Street stripper. Everyday promises sensory contradiction and emotional backflips.

Roya, Jeri, Mike, Sally and I finally visited the lower ninth ward on Thursday after a day consumed primarily with painting the house on Independence. Brad Pitt’s, Make It Right Foundation has done a significant amount of work down there. The houses are marvels of modern style and green efficiency. There is even a small memorial in center of the neighborhood with statistics on Katrina and information about the foundation. Roya told us that the mold smell was finally gone. It’s amazing to see so much progress and beauty after so much destruction. We even saw some families milling about on their porches enjoying the sunshine.

Katrina Memorial with Make it Right home in background.

But there are the miles of empty plots, wild with weeds and slabs of concrete where houses once stood. You see the rotting remains of a few homes – the watery tombs for some of the 1,000 who had no warning or chance. And there the Levee sits – repaired but unchanged. Ah, well. Guess we can’t have the sweetness of healing without remembering how salt got in the wound in the first place.

Skeletal house, empty plots

Thanks for the pics, Jeri!

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  1. So much done; so much to do. Hope is what’s growing here, thanks to you folks and thousands like you! Thank you!!!!

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