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Final thoughts from China

Mark Campbell, Berklee associate VP for enrollment, packs his bags.

As we prepare to return home from China, a final thought or two.

Expo 2010 is on here in Shanghai and the theme is “Better City, Better Life,” a recognition that sustainable urban environments are crucial to global prosperity and peace.

The organizers expect millions of people to attend over the next several months; it’s a major world event putting the spotlight on Shanghai. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the site today before heading to Beijing later this week for key meetings with government.

My colleagues like the theme very much—it’s everywhere in Shanghai and the enthusiasm for Expo is palpable.

But, after a stroll past the Shanghai Recital Hall, we saw another sign, in smaller print, that resonated for us… just a little more.

So we say farewell to China. As we do, we very much look forward to returning, collaborating and contributing to the Better Life, one that includes the unique contribution that only music makes.

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청음..그 난해한 경험- Ear Training, that intricate experience…


活躍するバークリー卒業生②Yuki Kanesakaさん パート1「ひたすらジャムっていた日々〜バークリー生の頃〜」 Fantastic Berklee Alumni② Yuki Kanesaka Part1

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  1. luke chi

    Dear Mark,

    I’m a Chinese American living in Northeastern China. I would love to be hire by Berklee, to set up a branch here. I’m well contacted with the schools, and how things are run here.

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