Where are we? In the country formerly known as East Timor. This new democracy is so young that Berklee’s Earth Stringband is the very first U.S. band to tour there—breaking new ground on the Rhythm Road.

Earth Stringband in Timor-Leste

As these four Berklee alumni draw ever closer to becoming one 16-legged musical creature (touring will do that), they entertained political activists, Rotary members, soldiers from down under, and some really great dancers with their old-time Americana jams.

Dancers like this kid:

Outsiders may associate the country with political turmoil, but the band discovered the country’s vibrant art, culture, and people.

Arte Moris school, Timor-Leste Arte Moris, Timor-Leste

Also they turned down the chance to eat something unusual. What?! After the Laos crickets?! Read about Timor-Leste on the band’s blog.

Other stops on the tour. . .