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2010 International Folk Festival

When first entering the lobby of the Berklee Performance center, a new sound of music could be heard.

Set up right in the lobby was an ensemble playing the music of Africa before the concert started and setting the mood for a great show.

The first International folk fest was in 1987, and every year since then, Berklee’s finest international students have graced the stage of the Berklee Performance Center to share the songs of their native countries.

The first country showcased this year was the Bahamas.  The performers were dressed in colorful traditional costumes, and made their way from the orchestra floor to the stage, playing a medley of tunes with a driving percussion and horn section.

In fact, every single performer was wearing the traditional dress of their country, from Russia and Colombia to Italy, Mexico, and the Czech Republic.  This year showcased the largest number of Czech students ever to be enrolled at Berklee at one time, and the music was a new sound and groove for the BPC.

An interesting facet of the concert that went unannounced were all the foreign Consulates that attended the show.  The German Consulate, Consulate Generals of Denmark, Japan and Spain, and the Vice Consul of Great Britain, were all in the audience.

Every country had talented and passionate musicians, costumes, groove, and energy, and the packed house at the BPC loved it!  If you have never been to this annual show before, make sure you put it in your calendar next year, because it was by far one of the best shows of the year!

The Music of The Bahamas


버클리 겨울 무도회(3-5-10)-Berklee’s Winter Formal


Folk Festival 2010 Parte 1 (Representantes Folcloricos en Berklee)

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  1. I enjoyed the performers representing the music of Bulgaria.

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