This years’ Pop/Rock Live! was a great success with an awesome turnout.  Did you know that this was the 23rd annual Pop/Rock Live! show?

Highlight performances of the night included the voices of Silvina Moreno, Chloe Bean, Nicky Egan, and Lillie Grace Tinsley, just to name a few.

Silvina’s version of “I Get Off” by Halestorm was one of the great rock performances of the night.  Silvina is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is a 7th semester duel-major in Music Business/Songwriting at Berklee.

Chloe Bean, from Berkeley, California, is a 7th semester in the Contemporary Writing and Production major.  Her performance of her original song, “On and On” was together well arranged.   The song is written about a relationship based on bad timing and unspoken love.

The featured performer of the night was Berklee professor Marlon Saunders, a singer, songwriter, and record producer. Marlon has toured with Bobby McFerrin as a member of his vocal group, Voicestra, and has recorded/toured with greats such as Ron Carter, Billy Joel, and Michael Jackson.  He even has an appearance in the movie Enchanted singing “That’s How You Know” with Amy Adams!

Overall, every single singer was equally talented, so make sure to check out all the amazing performers!

Ron Gordon

Silvina Moreno

Heather Rose

Lillie Grace Tinsley

Chloe Bean

Nicky Egan

Oguz Can Ozcanli

Courtney Swain

Darsell Obregon

Eva Louhivouri

Guillermo Marin

Tori Letzler