Yeah baby, let’s ride this Logic Train a bit further. Today’s topic is a real quick look at splitting and demixing:

Lets say you’re putting together a sequence in Logic, and you’ve got a great keyboard lead melody played through one of your soft-synths. You’re happy with the take but decide some notes sound better as a buzzwave, some sound better out of the B3 Organ plugin, and some sound better out of a custom patch you built in Absynth. There’s a quick way to split these midi-notes up without copy/pasting 100 times and deleting notes you don’t want.

Click the region containing your lead melody, then go up to the region pull-down menu right above the sequencer and choose “Split/Demix” :

Picture 7

Then choose “Demix by note pitch”. You’re highlighted region is now split into multiple tracks, each containing one note of the melody. Was the melody 5 notes? Now you have 5 tracks, with each note in its proper place for timing.
Now simply assign your desired soft-synth patches, etc. for each track. This might not be efficient for a part with 40+ notes, but for simple hooks and leads its right on the money

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