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Arrival in Tel Aviv

After a 4-hour layover in Frankfurt, we arrived safely in Tel Aviv and made our way to the Melody Hotel.  This is part of a larger strategic plan to stay only in hotels that have names associated with music (;JK).  We just know there is a mixolydian or phrygian hotel out there somewhere.  I am traveling with Greg Badolato VP International Programs, David Mash VP Technology Resources (who is accompanied by his wife Erica) and Myra Hindus VP Cultural Diversity.  This is the first stop in a 3 city tour that will include Ramallah and Amman.  Our hosts arranged a welcome dinner on Sunday night.  It is now Monday morning and we will have our first meeting with the Rimon administration this morning.

It is always a wonderful experience to visit our friends in Tel Aviv.  We are certain to meet students that are performing at the highest level and we will give a presentation later today to discuss preparing for Berklee’s audition and interview.  Our partners at Rimon shared with us the surge in students that want to pursue songwriting as their major and we look forward to hearing what they have to offer.

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  1. That’s awsome you guys are at Rimmon. Are there study abroad options available to go there? I’ve heard great things about that school.

  2. At the moment we do not have a study abroad option at Rimon, although the possibility is there for the future.

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