The judges were especially gushing last night over two Berklee Canta en Español contestants, Daniel Dayz and Joel Waldman. After a too-long and overly dramatic buildup from the TV hosts (one has to assume this was all for the cameras) it was revealed… that there would be a tie for the prize of a fully-produced music video by Televisa. Daniel Dayz, from Mexico City, and Joel Waldman, of Bogotá, Colombia, and all of their screaming fans in the front row were thrilled with the outcome that their songs were chosen by the three judges as the best of the bunch.

Dayz was, well, dazed by the outcome, and was swarmed by friends and family after the event. He left before the Berklee on Tour camera could catch his comments. Waldman, who loves talking in front of the camera as much as singing, shared his feelings on the win, his friend Daniel, and the highlight moment of the night.

A moment later, Solidad Gimenez – Presuntos Implicados, SGAE – one of three Latin music industry judges with years of experience developing talent, told what she liked about co-winners Joel Waldman and Daniel Dayz. She was excited and somewhat in awe over the pair of young songwriters.