With eight members on stage, the Prigs were literally the big finale to the Berklee CMJ Showcase.  There were so many players on stage at the Bowery Poetry Club that some were seldom scene behind the front line of horn players, guitarists, and singers.  The Prigs include Berklee alumni guitarists Mack Price and Pete Lalish, bassist David Lizmi, drummer Tom Roslak, trumpeter Dan Brantigan, and Adam Platt on keytar.  The band’s lyrics are full of irony, sarcasam, and pop culture references set to music, often very danceable and funky in so far as MTV was ever funky.  The song “Crush,” for example, was inspired by Janet Jackson’s music from the late ’90’s, and included the lyrics, “He’s got a crush on her/It will make him believe he’s seeing fairies in the bathroom.”

Leading up to its Berklee CMJ set, the Prigs were named one of the 12 best bands at CMJ on the Wall Street Journal’s blog Speakeasy.  How did this distinction boost the band’s profile at the conference?  Mack Price gives a surprising answer.