Our first day in Nairobi ended with a deep sense that we’re on to something here. We just had a great meeting with a group of educators from local universities, regional high schools, and other reps from various programs including initiatives in community outreach and development. Great conversation exchange and sharing of ideas and processes, including cultural and regional issues affecting music programs, youth, higher education, and systemic changes affecting arts education and development, career options, and cultural affairs. This meeting was taking place during a national holiday, and we had a surprise spontaneous ending when the conversation rapidly led to the whole group rising to our feet to an amazing rendition of the Kenyan national anthem in perfect and strong 3-part harmony by this same group who had so much to say for the past 2 and 1/2 hours and who did not necessarily know each other;  this totally sounded like a rehearsed choir. This was a powerful moment for me, and I believe, for everyone else in the room including the folks who sang and didn’t, alike. I have to hope that we can live up to this moment and help to bring out the natural magic that can happen here. I believe I’ve used the term magic here before. I’m going to quit writing before I use it once more.

Talk to you soon..

– sSkau

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