Hello folks, this is to introduce myself and to let you know that I am en route to Nairobi with a fantastic team from Berklee to conduct one of our special moments of off-campus magic. This time the location is the Brookhouse International Schools in Nairobi where we will conduct auditions, meet educators, meet our amazing alumni there, and hope to welcome newcomers to our growing world of family and friends.

We have a pretty hectic week ahead of us and we’re hoping that the weather decides to cooperate. I plan to update this space with a quick view of the our progress of the week in Nairobi but please remember that I have already introduced and allowed myself a lifeline in case I am unable to do too much of this (busy and quite mobile actually). Meanwhile, also look out for posts by the other team members and they are, Michael Shaver, George Russell Jr., and Ron Savage.

– Sam Skau
Office of International Programs

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