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speaking on camera

Camera Skills Workshop, City Music Boston

I remember my first on camera interview. It was a rare opportunity, a daunting task, a milestone if I may, in my  Berklee education. Many will go through school without having an opportunity  like this. What do you do if you’re put on the spot? How do you prepare for those moments?  …shake off the jitters for starters, and let your personality come through. City Music Boston students were challenged this month with that very task, to speak openly in a professional on-camera environment.

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From The Intern Desk: Speaking on Camera

I recently attended another shoot with the PULSE video team for City Music’s On-Camera Interview and Public Speaking Skills workshop.

The idea was to put some City Music kids in front of lights and a camera, perform a mock interview, then talk about their performance and public speaking skills. Nora (a fellow PULSE intern) and I broke the ice by opting to get interviewed first.

Here are some clips from their interviews:

If you’re trying to pursue a music career of any sort, chances are you’ll need to be able to talk to an audience, whether its prepared or totally impromptu. You never know when an opportunity will arise and you’ll need to make an impression on someone, so we put the City Music kids on the spot and made them talk about themselves, their background in music and what it means in their lives.

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