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Beat Bot: Making Rhythmic Robots on PULSE Since 2012














Who the heck is that guy?? Meet The Doc. He will be leading you through orientation for the newest addition of games to PULSE: Beat Bot! Beat Bot was created to challenge music students and game players knowledge of rhythmic concepts. Players will create these robots, or Beat Bots, by programming beats that fulfill the specific rhythmic requirements of the game.

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Where Work Meets Play

Last Monday and Tuesday, a few of us from the PULSE multimedia team attended the Berklee Teachers on Teaching (BTOT) events. Lori Landay’s presentation, Play! Games and Gaming in Learning and Our Culture, was an inspirational lecture on the importance of game play in life and society. As educational game developers for PULSE, it was great to get some insight on the psychological and sociological impact of the gaming mentality.

I learned, for example, that the opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression. Work is most productive when it is treated like play. When work has exciting objectives and rewards it becomes more fulfilling and meaningful. With that outlook in mind, we here at PULSE will strive to make a game out of making games.

For some upcoming harmony and melody games, we’re looking to some nostalgic computer games for inspiration.

Does Math Blaster mean anything to anyone? Here’s a little 1993 throw back for ya:

With that in mind, it’s about time I get back to play.

PULSE launches Improvisation Unit

From the Intern’s Desk: Practice Journal

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently working on custom practice materials for the PULSE Practice Journal. The Practice Journal is an array of documents that help with keeping an organized and efficient practice routine, as well as resources to help with notation and performance.

Here are some sample guides from the Practice Journal.

Try ’em out let us know what you think!

Practice Tips and Techniques

Monthly Practice Log

Violin Fingering Chart

Drumset Legend

Young Guitarist from Lawrence Music Clubhouse

Here’s a video I shot of  Wilfredo Gomez playing an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, during my trip to the Lawrence Music Clubhouse a few weeks ago.

Warning: Some face-melting may occur.

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