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테크널러지 그리고 버클리 음대- Technology and Berklee College of Music

버클리음대에 맥북 프로 없으면 간첩이다?

그렇다. 버클리에 입학하면 모든 학생들은 반드시 그 유명하고 유명한

애플 컴퓨터를 구입해야한다.

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Let’s talk about Rex, baby

I’m guessing most of you reading this blog have a copy of Reason that Berklee has generously bestowed upon you?  If not, I would run down to the Student Computer Support Center and see if they’ll hook you up.  Now, then.  If you’re not too familiar with the software’s Dr. Rex loop component, this might be good to try.

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