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Berklee LAMBA at the 13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

Berklee student and LAMBA (Latin American Music Business Association) president Luis Galeana write about his experience at the Latin Grammys in December 2012. Read more about LAMBA and Berklee at the Latin Grammy on Berklee Blogs. Read more on . Read more about Latin Music Studies at Berklee or watch a video about the programs on

Sophie Maricq, Luis Galeana, Milton Nascimento, and Marco Flores

It was early September; I went with Oscar Stagnaro (Latin Music Studies Faculty Advisor) to greet Colombian Marimba player Diego Obregón. Diego was the opening clinician for this year’s Latin Music & Culture Celebration (LMCC) and Oscar invited me to see him play. I told Oscar that I’ve been talking recently with Peter Alhadeff (Faculty, Music Business) regarding my project of reconnecting Berklee with the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (LARAS). Berklee had so many things going on regarding Latin music: The LMCC is an ever-growing festival, the Latin Music Studies program was just inaugurated and the Berklee Valencia Campus in Spain had an amazing kick off, we needed to reconnect with LARAS. 

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Faculty Guest Post: We Should Listen to Emily White

Berklee music production and engineering professor Stephen Webber weighs in on the recent debate regarding music ownership, piracy, and the generation gap – and an educator’s role in the conversation.

Following the back-and-forth prompted by NPR intern Emily White’s concise blog post has filled me with a combination of delight and dismay. Delight, because Emily is providing us an opportunity to advance the conversation into the actual present; dismay because some of the response has been to continue the emotionally blinded, one sided finger-wagging that has done nothing to address workable solutions to the challenges new technology has put before us. 

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Answering it Royally: Getting the Job

Jesse Gottlieb ’11 lived and worked on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship for over 6 months! In this three part blog series he will talk about how he landed the gig, the perks of working on a cruise ship, and finally, life after living at sea.

How did I find myself boarding a 1,020 ft long, 137,276 ton, 4,500 passenger ship from a cement dock on the banks of the Louisiana in New Orleans? After a terrifyingly easy audition, an obnoxious amount of paperwork, and of course a lot nervous, last minute practicing, I was about to start my life aboard a floating hotel for the next 6 and a half months. 

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Freiburg: Ein, Zwei, Drei, Frei

It’s kind of ridiculous how well that header fits me this week: I’m going to Freiburg, Germany.

Sometimes people don’t associate Berklee with traditional college experiences such as studying abroad. But Berklee has partner schools all over the globe—institutions that share our attitude towards pop, jazz, and other forms of contemporary music—and our students can spend a semester at some of them getting a whole new perspective on their music. (Psst: we also have an ice hockey team.)

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Going to Monterey, coming to Berklee

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