It’s kind of ridiculous how well that header fits me this week: I’m going to Freiburg, Germany.

Sometimes people don’t associate Berklee with traditional college experiences such as studying abroad. But Berklee has partner schools all over the globe—institutions that share our attitude towards pop, jazz, and other forms of contemporary music—and our students can spend a semester at some of them getting a whole new perspective on their music. (Psst: we also have an ice hockey team.)

That’s where I come in. The Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and 10 current Berklee-ites were there to see it. As my colleague Lesley did in Athens, I’ll be checking out the scene on the ground. (I don’t think very high ground, though Freiburg is near Switzerland.) Way on back when the earth was cooling I spent a semester studying literature in Scotland, so I know firsthand how exciting and unsettling the experience can be.

Berklee Study Abroad

More news (and photos) to follow as events warrant. . . .


p.s. Share travel tips, if you have them.