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Latin Grammy

Honored to perform at the Latin Grammy’s with Alejandro Sanz / Tuve el honor de actuar con Alejandro Sanz en los Latin Grammy’s)

Berklee students sound off on their recent trip to the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas, where they had the opportunity perform alongside Alejandro Sanz. (Estudiantes de Berklee hablan de su reciente viaje a los Latin Grammy’s en las Vegas, donde tuvieron la oportunidad de actuar con Alejandro Sanz). Read the full story on


Alejandro Sanz and 30 Berklee students at the Latin Grammys.

JUAN ANTONIO GARCIA ILLANAS, tenor saxophone (Coca-Segovia,Spain)

Juan & Alejandro Sanz1Honestly, I couldn’t  believe when I first saw the e-mail from Javier Limón inviting me to go to Las Vegas to play with Alejandro Sanz in the 14th Latin Grammy Awards. But the funny thing is that now that we already did it, I still can’t believe seeing myself playing in the stage, with all these great musicians and with Alejandro leading the band. I’ve seen the video like twenty times already but it is still a dream for me.

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Berklee LAMBA at the 13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

Berklee student and LAMBA (Latin American Music Business Association) president Luis Galeana write about his experience at the Latin Grammys in December 2012. Read more about LAMBA and Berklee at the Latin Grammy on Berklee Blogs. Read more on . Read more about Latin Music Studies at Berklee or watch a video about the programs on

Sophie Maricq, Luis Galeana, Milton Nascimento, and Marco Flores

It was early September; I went with Oscar Stagnaro (Latin Music Studies Faculty Advisor) to greet Colombian Marimba player Diego Obregón. Diego was the opening clinician for this year’s Latin Music & Culture Celebration (LMCC) and Oscar invited me to see him play. I told Oscar that I’ve been talking recently with Peter Alhadeff (Faculty, Music Business) regarding my project of reconnecting Berklee with the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (LARAS). Berklee had so many things going on regarding Latin music: The LMCC is an ever-growing festival, the Latin Music Studies program was just inaugurated and the Berklee Valencia Campus in Spain had an amazing kick off, we needed to reconnect with LARAS. 

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Juan Luis Guerra De Santo Domingo Para el Mundo

Cantante dominicano. Siendo el menor de tres hermanos, a los diez años aprendió a tocar la guitarra, aunque su afición no empezará a demostrarse hasta mucho después, a mitad de sus estudios de Filosofía y Letras que inició en 1975.

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Canta songwriting contest finalists are united, making music together

Berklee Canta headliners and songwriting contestants became visible on Monday, and mingled with the small community of Berklee staff who were dispatched to Mexico City to work behind the scenes on the concert. Tommy Torres and Rique Colon, among others, rode in a van headed for a rehearsal space rented for the backing band to make an initial run through the songs with some of the performers.

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Building the buzz for Berklee Canta

Back in August, a press tour and conference was arranged in Mexico City to announce Berklee Canta en Español concert and TV taping.

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