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Julian Lage

Dayna Stephens, Julian lage – 천재 색소포니스트와 천재 기타리스트의 만남

The following post was written by Christina Lee, International Admissions Online Ambassador of Berklee College of Music.


안녕하세요! 정말 오랜만에 블로그에 새 소식을 전달하는 것 같아요.

날씨가 점점 추워지는데 다들 감기 조심하고 계신가요? ㅎㅎ


보일스턴 스트릿, 921 우치다 빌딩 바로 전에 위치한 버클리의 Cafe 939에서는 매일, 매주 새로운 공연들이 열리는데요. 그중 제일 인기있는 하나가 뉴욕의 라디오 스테이션 WBGO 재즈 88.3FM 과 NPR Music 채널이 함께 주최하는 The Checkout – Live at Berklee 입니다. 

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Interview with Juanito Pascual by Andre Vasconcelos! Juanito Pascual and Julian Lage concert at Somerville Theatre this Saturday!

Working for the Berklee Blogs is one of the best jobs I could have ever asked for. As many of you know I consistently get to meet and interview incredible artists providing me the opportunity to understand and assimilate their experiences. Last week I had the pleasure to meet one of the most upcoming voices in Flamenco guitar in the world. Young artist Juanito Pascual agreed to meet and chat with me in Harvard Square last Thursday. We discussed his career, his musical development and his very unique and personally inspiring career choice in a genre that isn’t inherently american, even though he is. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, the 39 year old guitarist will be playing a double-bill show at the Somerville Theatre on November 3rd, Saturday at 8:00pm with young prodigy and guitar virtuoso, Julian Lage. Below is the video of myself and Juanito talking music. Enjoy 🙂

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Julian Lage Clinic

まとめるまでに少し時間がかかってしまいましたが、今回は9/24にDavid Friend Recital Hallで行われた、ギタリストJulian Lageのクリニックについてレポートしようと思います!

クリニックは彼のソロギター演奏に始まって、ギターディパートメントのチェアであるLarry Baioneとのデュオ、生徒演奏の批評などの合間合間に、リラックスしたムードの中、Julianが自身の音楽人生について語ったり、興味深い話を織り交ぜながら進行しました。

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Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival

先日9/25にはBerkleeの近所、Columbus通りで毎年恒例、Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festivalが行われました。

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Performers and fans talk music, mingling, and making new fans at BeanTown Jazz Fest

The Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival turned 10 this year, and celebrated New Orleans style with the Wild Magnolias and Jonathan Batiste, Cajun food on the concourse, and temps in the 80 degree range.  Jazz, blues, soul, and Latin music added to the festivities that stretched over six blocks for six hours.   I spoke with some of the performers and a couple of long-time BeanTown fans about the event, and the festival’s role in bringing music to new listeners and community to a city that sometimes doesn’t mingle.

Grammy nominee Julian Lage ’08 played with his trio on the BeanTown Stage:

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