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Big Questions, Big Ideas: Being a Fellow for the Open Music Initiative

small snare innovationRecently, BerkleeICE completed a summer lab that tried to help foster the creation of a new service/project/business that will be beneficial to creating an open source for the identification of music rights.

The summer lab was under the banner of the Open Music Initiative— a leading group of people from creators, to technologists, to entrepreneurs, and music industry experts that are driven and devoted to promoting the development of open source standards in the music industry.

IDEO, A global design company that helps public and private companies with their innovation and growth, guided the technical platform for the project. For the last few months, OMI hosted gatherings and labs. Some of the launch gatherings include one on June 22 in New York City with all OMI participants. One of the events included a three-week innovation lab in Boston, run by BerkleeICE with guidance from IDEO, which involved choosing participates from current students and recent graduates create models and explore the project deeper.

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Six Eyes: Makeathon for the Berklee Summer Lab

On June 3rd 2016, BerkleeICE and IDEO brought together 40 students for a Makeathon for the Berklee SummerLab Internship Program. On a nine-to- five work schedule, students were assigned a brief to discuss, research and prototype, ending with progress presentations to the group. Joel Stevenson, Joanna Mok and Pablo Lalama took the time to tell us about their experiences and takeaways.

Joel Stevenson

Joel Stevenson, Belmont University

“I’m a graduate student of the interaction design, information architecture program at the University of Baltimore. I have had a passion for interaction design for many years since I enrolled in that program, and wanted to branch out and connect with other designers and students interested in interaction design from different academic settings. I’m also an electronic music producer and have been for over a decade. So, when I heard of a possible opportunity at Berklee and IDEO to not only meet other students from various backgrounds interested in interaction design, but to work with them to create new and innovative prototypes that relate to music and technology, I knew it was too good of an opportunity to pass up! Not only was I able to meet fantastic music, business, and design students from various backgrounds, I was able to effectively collaborate with them to solve a problem that exists in the music industry today. The opportunity to gather different perspectives, ideas, and experiences was rewarding enough on its own, but the ability to work as a team and combine all of our strengths from our respective fields to create an ideal product, that exceeded my expectations.” – Joel Stevenson, Design Graduate Student, Belmont University 

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