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film scoring major

Film Scoring Student Compositions Come to Life with the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra!

After a wonderful concert at Jordan Hall two weeks ago, the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra is continuing to rehearse but in a very different manner. At the end of every semester, the orchestra rehearses two extra weeks to give Film Scoring and Composition students the opportunity to come in and conduct their original pieces live. Last week we had the privilege of having six very talented Film-scoring majors who were chosen individually by the Film Scoring faculty, come in to conduct their pieces. One of the biggest complaints that composers have is that they are unable to have their pieces played by live players very often. There’s only so much satisfaction and learning a person can do hearing their music played with MIDI instruments. It’s extremely beneficial to hear exactly what the notes on the page sound like with real, live players. So this was exciting for both the players and the composers! The orchestra loves playing new music by their peers; it is really inspiring to hear what your friends are writing while the composers had such a good time working with the orchestra and hearing their music come to life!

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한국의 엔니오 모리꼬네가 되고 싶다, 영화음악과 정민지- The next Ennio Morricone of Korea, MinJee Chung

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Flashback – LA Internship Program – Spring 2008

Lluis Guerra, Morgan Pearse and John Perkins hang out in Santa Monica, CA

The LA Internship Program requires students to intern an average of 25hrs / week over the course of a 15-week semester. Still, LA Internship Program interns find time to get out and explore Los Angeles.

Here Spring 2008 interns Lluis Guerra (Film Scoring), Morgan Pearse (Film Scoring) and John Perkins (Music Business) check out Santa Monica beach near the famous pier. Student housing is located 11 miles from the fabulous Santa Monica beaches and Third Street Promenade, providing weekend entertainment for students and visitors alike.

“싸이코패스 내 동생” 그리고 버클리 영화음악과- “My Sister, the Psychopath” and Berklee Film Scoring

2010년 2월 18일, 버클리 Learning center 에서

힌편의 영화가 상영됬다. “싸이코 패스 내 동생”-“My sister, the psychopath”

흥미로운 인디영화 제작 발표회였다.

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