If you’ve been following the PULSE blog, you may be wondering Who is this intern guy, and why do I care?”

Well I can answer the first question at least.

In the beginning of January I started my internship with Berklee PULSE to fulfill my Experiential Learning requirement for Northeastern University. Erin Genett, PULSE’s Information Architect, offered me the position after having taught my Hypermedia class at Northeastern, where I’m a music technology and multimedia studies dual major.

When I’m not working at PULSE, I’m usually playing guitar or bass in one of my four bands and maintaining the website for our net-label, Psychedelevator.com.

It’s actually quite surprising how similar my work here at PULSE is to what I do at Psychedelevator.

I began both in early January and have found myself constantly using things I’ve learned about web design and social media at PULSE when I work on Psychedelevator.

At PULSE, I’m the go-to guy for general multimedia tasks including content updates to the PULSE website, editing sound and video materials and now, keeping this blog!  So until June I’ll be keeping you posted with the beat around Berklee PULSE.