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Rhythm Of the Universe (Interview with the mastermind of the project Emir Cerman)

Before coming to Berklee, Turkish film scorer Emir German created a five-minute video about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, with Cerman’s original score over historical footage. The video had 10,000 views on YouTube in the first two months of its life, and last August, in advance of the 85th anniversary of the republic’s founding, Cerman’s video was picked up by CNN Turk, Kanalturk, and MTV Turkey, reaching almost 4 million people.

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Rhythm Of The Universe (Entrevista con el creador de este proyecto Emir Cerman)

Antes de venir a Berklee, el turco  Emir Cerman creo un corto de 5 minutos acerca de Mustafa Kemal Atatürkcon. El vídeo tiene 10.000 opiniones en YouTube en los primeros dos meses.

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