Before coming to Berklee, Turkish film scorer Emir German created a five-minute video about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, with Cerman’s original score over historical footage. The video had 10,000 views on YouTube in the first two months of its life, and last August, in advance of the 85th anniversary of the republic’s founding, Cerman’s video was picked up by CNN Turk, Kanalturk, and MTV Turkey, reaching almost 4 million people.

Here’s an interview that I did to him:

1. Define me Rhythm Of the Universe

Imagine the first time everybody is friend of each other, without any politics and any walls. And imagine these people proving to the world that there is no impossible thing in the earth .. That’s Rhythm Of the Universe !!!!!

2. How did you came up with the Idea of Rhythm Of the Universe?

Emir: It’s a long progress but I’ve been working with this idea  3 years , I had  always a vision about bringing the world together. People always tried to bring the world together for example;  Michael Jackson , big companies (coca cola , pepsi.) etc. Something was always missing .. maybe god , maybe life , or energy I have no idea. I was finding the most inteligent people in my life and  I start bringing all of them together.. to create Rhythm of the Universe!

3. How’s has been the support of berklee to your project?

Emir: I share this experience with the faculty , David Mckay , Tom riley and Jason Camelio. They had helped me with the project, they have  been really supportive. Prince Charles Alexander and Stephen Croes have been great mentors.

4. How can you describe the experience of being the leader of this big project?

It’s scary ,:) I mean in a good way because well,  Imagine you are surrounded with the most talented musicians ,  and all of them believe in your idea. Is an unbelievable feeling. Maybe I will never going to explain with my words but this is one of the biggest honors. This project is my little baby and when you see your baby, step by step, learning to walk by it self, there’s  no better feeling than that

5. What are you plans with rhythm of the universe?

Emir: I am going to explain this later with more details but, the world will hear  how we can connect with each other with this project. This project will prove to the world that anything is just have believe it.

6. How was the process of composing a song that reunite the world?

This is really hard question , It’s a long progress again like 2 years, I have been thinking about this; how can I make  one song that has evey single culture rhythm, melodic line and color.