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berklee string department

Berklee’s First String Showcase

Suzanne Oleson of bluegrass group Chasing Blue

Although I really enjoyed seeing The Bad Plus, and hearing Bobby McFerrin speak left me speechless, attending Berklee’s first ever String Showcase was the event of my semester

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Do you know what the hottest news is in Berklee’s String Department?

I bet you don’t, so in the next 90 seconds of your life, I’ll show you a group of musicians who are not afraid to step outside of the box – creative string players.

Next time you see a person carrying a string instrument case at Berklee, ask what music they play.  Believe it or not, rock, blues, latin, folk, R&B, country, blugrass, Irish, African, Middle Eastern, Indian and even jazz will be among their answers!  Despite the classical heritage of these instruments, they are able to perform a variety of musical styles at Berklee, without feeling taboo.

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