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Hitting Career (and Life) Goals: 3 Things I Learned from Composer Mike Patti

Flim composer Mike PattiMike Patti is a wonderful composer who has given back to the community tenfold with this hard work on creating Cinesamples cinematic sample library. Somehow with his free time he also runs Hollywood Scoring. I got the chance to chat with Mike over the summer and discuss how he got involved in samples, how to find a work/life balance, and how to stay patient.

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The Art of Networking: 3 Things I Learned from Music Publisher Tim Rodier

OMNI Publishing LogoTim Rodier B.M. ’00 (composition and film scoring) is a Berklee grad who started his own company, Omni Music Publishing, where he publishes entire film scores for sale to study and cherish. I first became aware of Tim and his company because I had purchased the Batman score as I had been looking for bits and pieces of the score for years. Tim and I sat down to discuss his Berklee experience, his life after work, and his passion for engraving and analyzing film scores.

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Get There from Here: Career Advice from Disney Concerts Manager Royd Haston

Royd Haston

Royd Haston, Manager, Disney Concerts

Royd Haston, manager for Disney Concerts, is someone whose job I am envious of. I have for the past 10 years tried to get my hands and eyes on as many film scores as possible so I can learn the techniques from the masters. Royd gets to handle some of these scores every day and also send them out to orchestras to perform in public for our viewing and listening pleasure. Royd himself is a talented composer and a heck of a guy.

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Connections, Confidence, and Kindness: Learning the Film Composition Industry from James Sale

Film Composer James Sale

Film Composer James Sale

James Sale B.M. ’91 is a composer and conductor who has had a long career working in film. His scores can be heard in Hotel Transylvania 2 and The Lego Movie and he recently was a conductor for Transformers: The Last Knight. James and I met playing hockey in Burbank and struck up a close bond over all this film music. He was kind enough to chat with me about his Berklee experience in the Film Scoring Department, pushing through doubt, believing in yourself, and treating fellow players with kindness. 

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The Game Is about the People: Three Things I Learned from Richard Ludlow

Richard Ludlow B.M. '14

Richard Ludlow B.M. ’14

Richard Ludlow B.M. ’14 is a peer and someone I really admire. A fellow Berklee grad who started his own company, Hexany Audio, Richard is an incredibly talented game audio designer. I have spent some time with him and the Hexany Audio group and they are poised to take over the gaming audio world. We spoke about the Berklee experience (particularly through his film scoring major), how to make it, and networking.

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