It’s day one on the worksite and we managed to finish a cement pad before lunch. I never realized the amount hard labor involved in pouring cement. Now I know. Trust me, my whole body knows.

We continued work on the inside of the house in the afternoon and also did plenty of painting of plywood for the homeowner to use in the event of another storm. Leigh sacrificed herself toward the end of the day to finish up the painting. It was in direct sunlight and must have been brutal. Thanks Leigh!

While Leigh was baking in the sun, I helped dig out holes in the back for the AC support structure. Hard work, but at least it was in the shade! After that, we measured windows and began cutting the trim for the window sills. Tomorrow we’ll finish those up and maybe start on the rest of the trim for the interior. Who knows what else is in store?

So far New Orleans has been incredible! I’m far too tired to get into specifics but I will post more about the food and culture when I get a chance.