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Author: Janelle

work-day recap

what an amazing day. rumor has it the heat index was at 110. i believe it.

the local abc news covered our visit today, and we learned that the man whose house we’re working on this week is actually a drummer from boston. we were all happy to find a boston/music connection in new orleans. don’t know if we’ll get to meet him.

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Berklee in Nola, Again

greetings from new orleans, folks. we arrived this morning, dropped our bags at the hotel, and set off to explore and attempt to acclimate after leaving cool, damp boston this morning. the heat is shocking (in such a good way…where is summer, boston?), but not nearly so much as the seeming shortage of people about. hoping it’s the heat paired with the fact that it’s monday afternoon, and not that the french quarter is usually so sparse. we’ll find out tonight. this is a truly beautiful city; we’re all tourist-ing it right up, snapping photos all over the place.

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