by Zachary Lucia ’14

Kim Logan ’10, a singer-songwriter in Nashville recently recorded an original song, Peaches and Cream, in a 1947 coin-operated phonobooth at Third Man Records.

You may remember Kim from her awesome blog post about fashion trends and the musicians that once heralded them.  With this project Kim again shows a deep appreciation for music’s history and her efforts to show its relevance to our modern day trends.  As if the phonobooth video isn’t cool enough, Kim took the original recording from the phonobooth and created a music video for Peaches and Cream which just released today!

Her musical style bridges the times beautifully, and the music video shows just how perfect the old and new come together.  So we had a chat about how this video came about and caught up on all things Kim.

Can you tell us more about the song, Peaches and Cream?
This song is about a boy who still lives in New York and grew up with me in Florida.  I used it because it’s a really standard, traditional blues form, and could fit within the time confines of the recording.  I wrote it 5 years ago when I was 19 and he has no idea it’s about him.  Hi, Drew.

So a phonobooth… what inspired you to record with it? What’s the history behind this phonobooth?
One of the cool little perks of being so close to Jack’s rock and roll candy factory universe was heading down to Third Man headquarters and recording one of my original songs in his 1947 coin-operated phonobooth.  The booth is a refurbished 1947 Voice-O-Graph machine — it recorded only around 2 and a half minutes of my playing, so I had to choose a blues song that I wrote that is very short.  The booth cut me a 6” phonograph disc, clear and fragile, which would only play a few times before it was worn out — the audio you hear is a digital transference of the performance to my laptop using the Third Man Records Spinnerette turntable.  The audio is featured on the Third Man site here!  (

Creatively, what was it like to use the phonobooth?
Performing in the phonobooth was honestly REALLY nerve-wracking.  You get this chance to make everything perfect for 2 and a half minutes, and you realize that and your hands start to shake and you heart starts to pound — it was even more atmospheric because you put the coin in the machine and a series of instructions begin to light up and count down for you!  I was freaking out actually.  But if you watch carefully at the end of the GoPro video, I finished playing the song with 3 seconds to spare and it was magical!

You recently entered a development deal with producer Vance Powell, how did that happen?
I met Vance through his management — which is now my management!  They’re called GPS, and they’re out of Santa Monica and NYC.  (  They paired us together… as a management roster with both producers and artist/songwriters, uniting us within the team is a super special way to keep all the projects in the family.  Vance has worked on a myriad of Jack White’s projects for almost a decade — all of his personal bands, and most of the other work that has come out of Third Man.  I grew up idolizing the way Jack thought about recorded music and live performance, and Vance is the wizard behind all of his most recent sonic magic.  I could never have asked for a better producer with whom to be developing the next chapters of my sound and art!

We see a trend in artists using GoPro, what drew you to recording video with it?
We brought a GoPro into the booth because we couldn’t fit a whole person to shoot!  It was very cool to have a filmed perspective from inside the booth with me while I was performing — Neil Young, Brendan Benson, and many others have filmed their recording experience in the booth, and I wouldn’t have missed the chance to capture mine!

Kim Logan left Berklee campus in 2010 to write and make records in Nashville. She is now finishing her degree via Berklee Online and is probably playing somewhere near you sometime soon, promoting her debut self-titled album and writing for her second.  You can find her music on iTunes, Bandcamp, or pressed to vinyl or CD through her official website.

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