Plan B? No Thanks!

ALESSANDRO LOMBARDOAlessandro Lombardo is a freelance musician, graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2011, and since then has been traveling all around the world in 5 continents. Alessandro is also the co-founder of the drumming community The Drum House which counts 20 000 followers and proudly endorses Zildjian, Vic Firth, Tama and Remo. You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter or on his Website.


  • Destiny or Choice? Both!

When I was a kid I had a dream: I wanted to be a professional musician. I always loved the sound of music and whenever I could get my hands on a piano I would start bashing around
(only until I discovered the drums, but that’s another story). I remember my life-changing moment, that moment when you realize what it is that you are deeply attracted to. I was playing a song and my heart started sinking, letting my emotions flow as if I were a magic channel. From that moment on, I knew that there was nothing else I wanted to do, and I started my life-long quest.


  • Keep Your Eyes on The Prize

I knew that if I wanted to be happy I had to work hard and stay focused for the rest of my life, because music is an endless journey and it can be frustrating at times. But one thing always kept me going: deep down I decided that no matter what, there wasn’t anything else that could make me happier. It was a one-way ticket for me. I always told myself “Either you make it or you make it”. I never thought once about a back-up plan.

Sometimes we get caught up thinking that maybe what we are doing is wrong because it has no immediate recognition and bills keep coming, and won’t wait until next month, but you have to remember why you started this quest in the first place. We want to be happy. And this is the only way. It’s hard to let go of fear and to have faith in yourself; life is always putting hard trials ahead of us, but if we stay strong the prize at the end will be very valuable.


  • Values: The Key to Happiness

I was talking to an older lady once and she told me that she would never buy presents to her kids, but she would buy experiences instead. Experience is the most valuable tool you can have in your quest for happiness. Travel a lot. Go see things. Learn something new everyday, and share it whenever you can.


The beauty of life resides within the people who accompany you in your journey.


Smile more, and be kind to everybody for no reason, you never know who’s watching, and might be inspired by you. And the next time somebody asks you if you have a Plan B, smile big and say “ No Thanks!”.