Update from Koyo Conservatory of Music.

At the end of Spring, Vice President Akihito Fuse, and the General Manager of Corporate Development, Tako Murase, will be leaving the institution to pursue new and exciting projects in their new future. Please join us in thanking these members for their years of invaluable service and contribution to us during these many years of significant growth and innovation at Koyo Conservatory as we wish them the very best in their new endeavors.

Please welcome the new members of Koyo’s management team, Ryota Ueda, and Kosuke Sawa.

Ryota Ueda

Ryota Ueda, is a graduate of Koyo conservatory (’03), and Berklee College of Music (’06). Ueda, currently on the piano faculty at Koyo conservatory, is the new Vice President of Koyo Conservatory.

Kosuke Sawa

Kosuke Sawa, currently at Koyo Conservatory – Nagoya Campus, has been appointed, the new Manager of Corporate Development.

Akihito Fuse

Vice President of Koyo Conservatory, Akihito Fuse