Berklee Blogs hears from Mabel Leong, beginning her second internship with Mix One Studios in Boston. Mabel shares her excitement at digging deeper into the Mix One workplace and discusses the interesting insights when sharing her music tastes with fellow non-Berklee interns…


Here’s to the start of a brand new internship. It’s a BIG deal – and there’s so much to do this semester in so little time (as per usual). The final class of the semester warrants extensive studio time, time outside the studios in pre-production and planning, and a great deal of planning for life after college.

On top of all I mentioned, I have an internship at Mix One Studios which I’m psyched about. It’s great enough to have worked there earlier this year, but being asked to return to work after the summer is just as great. There’s promise of a much more hectic schedule and many more things to do, including the leeway for me to access more than I did in my previous internship with them.

So far, things are just picking up after the summer lull and the move of the summer interns to the fall interns. This has always been interesting for me – not every intern here is from my college, yet are involved in the same study I do. The discussion of what we learned and did not learn at college versus what we do in the studios makes things much more interesting during downtime, and the sharing of different studio experiences, song preferences, mixes, etc. are so useful. Discussions with fellow college mates are interesting, but the opinions and ideas from “outside” peers are refreshing.




Prior to attending Berklee, Mabel Leong was a casual pianist of video game themes and pop songs. Now she takes on the recording and post-production work of her current internship at Mix One Studios in Boston, MA. Along with her strong interest in music production and engineering is her dream job of being involved in video game production. During her time in Berklee, Mabel worked with friends and acquaintances in the recording studio and out, as a DJ for the Berklee Internet Radio Network and a Peer Tutor for the core music curriculum. This is her last semester, and she is making the best of it and is doing what she can before it’s over! Check out her works at soundcloud  and connect with her at