Berklee Blogs hears final thoughts from Mike Cavalli as he finishes his internship at Fuchs Audio Technology, a boutique audio equipment company. In today’s blog, Mike tells us about his foundation at Berklee and how it led him to music business and his internship at Fuchs.

As college students, we spend our days preparing for the moment we are offered an opportunity to thrive in the real world.  Fortunately for me, I managed to get in touch with a great business close to home and with little stress, I had created an opportunity to get involved with a thriving part of the music industry. After much thought about my life as a musician and my involvement at Berklee, I came to the conclusion that interning at Fuchs Audio would be the best place to learn how to successfully start a business from scratch. At Fuchs Audio, owners Andy and Annette are responsible for supplying the world with some of the most proper boutique guitar amplifiers, pedals and modifications. I jumped on board during some of their busiest times and was given the chance to do more than I ever thought an internship would allow.

Growing up with so many different musicians, I always wanted to get involved and bond musically with all different styles. That moment, when nothing else matters, is when a group of people can lock in and create perpetual art. Those moments were the only thing I lived for. Driven by a natural inhibition and a need to become involved, I learned to play not only drums, but developed a decent technique and understanding of bass, guitar, and piano as well as audio production and engineering. Whether someone needed a demo recorded for shows or a bass player for the high school funk band, I was always the “go-to guy”, purely for the experience. My infatuation with playing music superseded everything else in my life and I knew I had to find a way to become part of Berklee.

Like everything else, once you have become established locally, it is time to branch out and test yourself on a global level among ambitious up-and-coming musicians. With a broad understanding of a variety of instruments and music, I pursued and achieved my goal by furthering my education at Berklee College of Music.

Throughout four years of memorable experiences and pitfalls, I drove my passion for music to the next level and became established amongst other great musicians and life-long friends. The people I had met, the places I had lived, all had an affect on where I stand currently on my career path and without making the choices I have, I would feel less fulfilled. I remember it being the end of my fourth semester when it was time to choose my major. After struggling for so long to define my place at Berklee, it was a conversation with drummer and faculty member Mike Mangini that really defined my path and my self-worth through the people around me. I wanted to find a way to take my love for playing and apply it to a financially viable concept. This is when I learned that I needed to graduate with as much business experience as possible- there will always be time to play.

After getting started managing bands and focusing on my education, I realized how important my decision was and that it would benefit me in the long run. The next big question on my mind at this point was what to do next. How do I find a place that would offer me the best experience in truly running a business? Having a passion for working with bands and being hands-on, I decided that Fuchs Audio would be the place to take everything I experienced at Berklee to the next level.

Check back next time to hear part II of Mike’s post- where he’ll discuss what he learned and his final reflections of his time at Fuchs…



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Mike Cavalli is a prospective graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Business Management. Along with playing drums and guitar, Mike has spent countless days in vans playing and managing up-and-coming bands as well as recording and producing. Mike is currently finalizing his Berklee experience as an intern at Fuchs Audio Technologies, a company that creates phenomenal boutique Guitar amplifiers and pedals, and has hopes to one day run a shop just as successful.

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