Berklee Blogs checks in with Mike Cavalli as he settles into his internship at Fuchs Audio Technology, a boutique audio equipment company.

With two more weeks remaining, I feel like the semester flew by too quickly. After all, three months is not enough time grasp every concept of running a business- but it is a great way to become familiar and experience many situations. Even if I am not offered a job, the relationship I created with Fuchs will help me continue to pursue a career in music products. Although my main objective is to secure a full time job, I would not mind taking the time to focus on music and touring. After so many years of putting off bands for school and managing, I feel I owe it to myself to take another stab at turning my dream of playing into a full time gig.  Easier said than done, but you only live once.

Nothing is ever guaranteed in life and we always have to risk so much to achieve our goals. But to me, life is all about having an “all or nothing” mentality. The real world consists of big goals with minimal time to tackle them. Consequences of handing in an essay or project in late do not have the same effect as putting a delay on a product launch and not meeting a deadline. Small businesses struggle enough already with showing profits and budgeting effectively. In order to maintain a stable flow of income, the atmosphere is pure chaos on a daily basis and you have to be prepared to handle it while accomplishing tasks. While asking a company to invest money and time into new workers is a big expense in the short-term, you have to show that you are able to earn the company much more later on. So whatever you do, don’t be a lemon!

Time to pay respect to where its really due. Without the countless hours of team projects, essays, tests, and auditions, we would not be prepared to handle ourselves in real thriving business environments. Berklee has taught me much beyond my own recollection and now I am at the point where I feel secure and confident to maintain a serious position in the music industry. To some, classes may be less of a priority. However, it is the one place where teachers can shape their students to prepare for a successful future and after so many years, I finally understand. One more post to go and hopefully I will be blogging as an employee, not an intern.



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Mike Cavalli is a prospective graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Business Management. Along with playing drums and guitar, Mike has spent countless days in vans playing and managing up-and-coming bands as well as recording and producing. Mike is currently finalizing his Berklee experience as an intern at Fuchs Audio Technologies, a company that creates phenomenal boutique Guitar amplifiers and pedals, and has hopes to one day run a shop just as successful.

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