Berklee Blogs checks in with Mike Cavalli as he settles into his internship at Fuchs Audio Technology, a boutique audio equipment company. Mike tells us about maintaining a feeling of excitement for the company you intern for

I am now at the midpoint of my internship with Fuchs Audio and still going strong. Most tasks are now becoming second nature along with other facets such as shipping methods and customer service.  Some days are busy and I feel as though I can never keep up- and other days are slow and I find myself frantically looking for something to keep me busy for two more hours. Nevertheless, I am at the point where my mind is already work-oriented and would want nothing more than to be paid to continue to work and learn from such a great company.

However, you as an intern could be the best worker but still be denied a full-time job based on whether the company can really afford it. This being my particular dilemma, my mind is currently thinking about how I can help this place grow to the point where they need to hire me. What can I do, utilizing my Berklee skills, that will draw more customers and hype?

Having been involved with so many bands, I began to realize how similar owning a small business and being in a band was. Promotion through social media, the mainstay of all artists and entrepreneurs, helps generate the biggest sales to all companies. So, I am linked with Fuchs’s Twitter and Facebook account to help spread the message shamelessly. Just as I would tweet a show I was playing, I take two seconds to share the current news or release of a product to lure in new clientele through my social web.

Yet, I could have done this for a year straight and like every bands’ first few shows, the draw may be insufficient. In any case, its an uphill battle for all of us one way or another- and to only give less than your best will not help your chances. Get competitive and show them your worth as a prospective employee. If you want it enough, earn it, then take it!



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Mike Cavalli is a prospective graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Business Management. Along with playing drums and guitar, Mike has spent countless days in vans playing and managing up-and-coming bands as well as recording and producing. Mike is currently finalizing his Berklee experience as an intern at Fuchs Audio Technologies, a company that creates phenomenal boutique Guitar amplifiers and pedals, and has hopes to one day run a shop just as successful.

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